To be able to use the whole range of functionality (such as screenshot monitoring, app activity) LogWork offers, you should download its software. It is easy and quick to install.

Download it in the "Download" section (1).


Choose your operating system when installing the free software (2, 3).


After you have installed it on your device, open it. If your system requires, give LogWork the necessary permissions to be able to function properly and monitor your activity.

Check if you have selected the workspace you work for (4).

Write down the task project in the field ("What are you working on?") (5).

Click on the start button to start tracking your working time (6). Or, you can resume one of the previous tasks that weren't finished by clicking on the start button next to it.

If you click on "Timeline", you will be directed to your LogWork online account to view the whole timeline.

On the left side, you will see 3 icons in a row (7). The first one (a circle) helps you manually refresh the timer and sync all data with LogWork online time tracker service. You don't need to sync all your time entries manually since this function is done automatically.

The second one (a wheel) helps you set up your tracking features. Some of them will not be available to change if the employer hasn't given you permission.

If you click on the third icon, you will log out.

Below the time tracker, you can see the daily worked time. You can easily restart the time tracker for any task by clicking on the green triangle next to any task (8). You can see the assigned client (9) and project (10) to a specific time entry and the start (11) and end time (12) for a task and the duration.

You can choose a default project that you track time for (13).

There is a nice functionality on LogWork, called "task note grouping" (14). It allows you to see the time entries for specific tasks (15). You can edit those time entries by assigning them to different projects or deleting them (16).

A pop-up window will appear. Here you can change the task note (17) and assign a client or project to the selected time entry (18). You can also delete this time entry completely by clicking on "Delete this time entry" (19).

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