The individual settings per employee allow you to customize the time tracking settings of certain employees.

You can find them in the Team section, by clicking on a particular employee.


4. If you allow adding time manually, your employees will be able to add time entries manually, for example, when they have to perform some tasks away from computers.

5. Auto-pause tracking is a desktop software function only that pauses employees' time tracker if there is no action on employees' computers such as mouse or keyboard activity. We do not track mouse and keyboard activity, we do not track and save keystrokes, we track only employees' computers idle time activity. You can set the number of minutes after which the employees' time trackers get paused. The time tracker automatically resumes when your employees become active.

6. Set the interval you would like to take screenshots of employees' computers.

7. You can blur the screenshots in this field to protect personal data and make unreadable the text on your screenshots. Moreover, you can select the percentage of the blur.

8. It is possible to track the activity level. It is based on computer activity and idle time. Activity level is an average percentage time of mouse and keyboard activity of the employees' computers. Please, keep in mind that the activity level can't be 100% because employees need time to think or communicate with a colleague, or they can be inactive during phone calls or internet meetings.

9. You can track the running apps used by your employees during their working time.

10. LogWork allows web tracking (the websites visited during the working time), too. This is a demo feature, and it can't be relevant for 100%.

11. You can set the weekly time limit of the working hours.

12. After you have finished selecting the settings for your workspace, don't forget to click on the Save button.

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