On the left side, click on Timeline to see and take advantage of its full functionality (1).

You can see a calendar (2). If you click on a certain day, it will indicate the number of hours worked and helpful analytical data related to that day. Moreover, if you click on View report, you will get powerful insights in detailed reports (Client reports, Project reports, etc.) (3).

There is a function to add time entries manually (4).


You can add the time when you started to work and when you finished (5). Then, you will see below the duration (6). It is possible to write the description of your work - the task note (7).

LogWork allows you to assign this time entry to specific projects or clients (8). Moreover, you can also create new projects from here (9). After you finish, don't forget to hit on Save button (10).


If you click on Change log (11), you will have the list of the changes of time, date, duration, description, and the person who made them.

On the right side, you can analyze the apps which were used during a certain working day selected from the calendar (12).

Below, there is a time bar that displays the period of time your employee has been working (13).

You can edit a time entry or delete it completely (14). The time entry also displays to which project and client it belongs (if it is assigned to specific a project or client).

Each screenshot taken showcases the time when it has been taken, the app used at that moment, and the employee's activity based on mouse and keyboard keystrokes in green (15). If you place the cursor to a certain screenshot, you can click on the bin that appears on the screenshot to delete it.


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