LogWork does its best to provide you with exceptional time tracking services by offering you premium features. Besides the fact that LogWork software allows you to take advantage of its first-class functionalities, we have prepared for you a Chrome extension to meet some of your additional needs. So, let's see how you can install it and the way it can ease your work.

  1. Find LogWork Time Tracker Extension in Chrome Web Store. Add it to Chrome. It is pretty easy and quick.


  2. Allow adding the LogWork time tracking extension.


  3. Then, you will find it in the top bar, next to the place you enter the website you would like to access. You can see a violet clock among other icons that indicate the extensions you have set. If you haven't logged in yet, do it. If you don't have an account on LogWork, create one.


  4. LogWork extension helps you keep track of each second worked. This is a free productivity and time tracker for the most popular online project management tools, platforms (e.g., Trello, Gmail, Asana, Github, Notion, Todoist, etc.). It helps you track within those platforms by starting the timer or logging time manually.


  5. The time tracking button is embedded in the native interface of the website. So, you don't need to switch tabs and spend time on unnecessary activities. It becomes comfortable, accessible, and quick to track your working time within the platforms you work (e.g., if you answer clients' emails in Gmail, manage and set the tasks for the next week in Trello, etc.).


  6. When clicking to start tracking time within a platform, LogWork extension automatically inserts the task note based on your activity.


  7. You can also select the text you would like to have as a task while working and click on the right mouse button to start a timer using our browser extension.

  8. In case you have the LogWork software already installed, you will see how nicely the activities of the software and extension sync.

  9. Moreover, you can use the extension without the software. In this case, you will only track the time you work, without the features that the software offers.

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